There is Beauty in Healing. There is Healing in Beauty.

Adore // Adorn is an e-commerce website and blog that rehashes loving memories of family and friends’ creative passions into new, tangible creations. Adore // Adorn is an accessories company that uses original jewels passed down through family generations, to inspire new, designs.

The company was founded on the notion that fashion and adornment is more than just beautiful pieces, but the art within the creator; the process; and the journey to market— all of which offers an intrinsic value that few customers ever truly understand.

The collaborative essence of the website is to explore the energy of deeply rooted historical references aside the founders personal experiences that will birth a contemporary view of what embodies beauty as we know it today. We are pioneering a new perspective by envisioning the old as new.

The website offers an honest and prevailing view of the founder in the section labeled: “Memories.” Supporters will have an opportunity to understand the “why” when supporting the “what”. Adore // Adorn is a look into self-love at it’s highest peak and how accepting one’s WHOLE truths will allow their creative breadth to flow with ease. This site reckons with the ability to accept beauty, love, and adornment fearlessly regardless of race, social status, or upbringing.


Adore // Adorn wants to offer customers more than just a tangible product. We strive to help our customers and readers grow in their impassioned journey through life by telling the tales of our influences, historical references, familial strifes, creative muses and whatever else has inspired where we are today.

The founder, with Midwestern and African American roots journeyed to New York City and abroad to top International designs schools and grappled time and again with being “different” and less readily accepted in the art and design community. After years of working corporate creative jobs, AA is the perfect opportunity to merge what she knows now, with what came before. This is a journey to empowerment for the founder and all of those that can relate to the stories presented on the site. A portion of the proceeds will be donated DIRECTLY to underserved neighborhoods in the USA.

The accessories products are designed and produced in NYC. The product ranges in styles and fashions from trendy to vintage-inspired designs. All products are crafted with care and each stone and material is personally curated by the founder. The products range in metals from gold-filled, to brass, to gold and platinum plated.

Who is Sasha Flynn?

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A lover of things, intuitive and spiritual. I’m truly guided by my heart. My inspirations come from books, music, documentaries, vintage shops, and my family. As a graduate of both Parsons School of Design and Savannah College of Art and Design, I’ve had the great opportunity to learn the arts in a diverse and rigorous manner.

Nothing has affected my output more than my parents: Julie Osby-Flynn and Juan Flynn. Thank you for pushing me and never letting up.