The Original Design. Inspired by the distinct beauty of a woman's natural, multi-ethnic hair and facial features.

She was Wild. Bold. Free. Be like her.

--Designed for my late aunt, Missy

Made of metal that creates a distinctive wave for the hair, where the outset Pearls follow along with the natural pattern. It is designed to be stacked with other rings from the FACES collection.  


  • Solid Brass Metal
  • 4-6mm Freshwater Pearls + Striking, Natural Emerald for Eyes
  • Made in New York City
  • We ask that you allow 14 days to prepare for shipment. This will allow enough time for the proper production of your jewels.

Missy Ring - Pearls

The Jewel Collection
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Missy Ring - Pearls

The Jewel Collection

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The products on this site feature a world of layers, stories, and persuasion from past forces. Each piece embodies a sense of color, structure, tone and originality that is inspired by a dedication to our past.


We collect items as a passion and sometimes forget that we are memorializing a specific person, place and/or time. The beautification of exploring a fresh take on the old is inspiring in and of itself.


All items have not succeeded in becoming “timeless” but I’ve always believed that a look is created from the story behind the collection of pieces that an individual wears. We will edify the style until each item feels as beautiful and apropos as ever.

Designer's Note

Our present take on the past is a remix of lost tales of endearment for my loved ones and friends. The ephemeral dictation of what one should wear bears no place on this site. We are all about challenging today’s trends with more elusive items.

An individual’s style has the opportunity to stimulate feelings in others. We want to break down the true desires from our past inspirations that encourage what we wear, identify with, and celebrate today.